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meI'm looking for an open source API or framework capable of generating export/import data in various .CSV (comma and tab-delimited) formats. If you know of one, please let me know.


macGlenn — AirPort Extreme Overview.

java blogDong — JetBrains and IntelliJ IDEA.

blogJoi — JiBot on #joiito.

java blogCarlos — Proliferation of Java Microkernels and Extinction of J2EE Containers.

mobileMicrosoft To Beam News And Information To Wristwatches. MSN Direct.

blogFrançois — Unsubscribring from spam *STILL NOT* ;)

java blogCalvin — Core Developers Network.

java blogMike — It lives!


javaDeploy ColdFusion code into a WebSphere J2EE environment. Together at last: Sharing session data between ColdFusion and J2EE components.

javaIntegrating ActiveX controls into SWT applications. Use ActiveX with Eclipse.

javaJava programming dynamics, Part 2: Introducing Reflection.

mobileSecrets of the wireless elite: Video for handsets.

java blogDion — JBoss/Nukes: Finally a real Open Source CMS?

blogDiego — blogging APIs update.

moblogJim — Sendo MS fallout continues.

javaAn Introduction to Java Card Technology — Part 1.

java blogAlan — JBoss in the news again.

java blogMatt — RE: Dumbing-down AOP.

moblogFred — A Handset Review Site.

java blogJoe — The three types of modules in .ears...

java blogRyan — Java tools Book reviewing.

java blogArjun — AOP for dummies!

blogHoward — Good SSH link.

blogAdam — page not found.

blogBob — fetchrss - Read rss feeds in your e-mail client.

blogChris — iCommune is back.

java blogCarlos — Nukes: A Microcosm of JBoss Group's Problems?

java blogMatt — Clustered JDBC.

blogCedric — Precisions on spam.

javaDocBook Doclet 0.43, a tool to create DocBook SGML or XML code from Java source documentation or HTML.

mobileFuel cellphones by 2005. Refills available at AM/PM.

mobileT-Mobile introduces Color Sidekick. 16-bit display.

javaJBoss Group: Defections Aren't a Big Deal.

macApple Preps Mac OS X Server Security Update.


java blogRuss is on fire today:

javaCommons Pool. Pool provides an Object-pooling API.

javaInternational Calendars in Java. This article discusses the Java Class Library facilities that allow you to manipulate and display dates and times.

java blogAnthony — Struts BSF.

java blogAdrian — SWT has an older brother ... wx4j.

javaOpenEJB 0.9.2 released.

blogKarl — Indies and iTunes.

moblogJim — Bluetooth universal saviour or pain in the...

moblogBob — Catching up on 4G, 802.11, Spam etc.

javaJCS, Java Caching System.

blogScott — Congrats ActiveWords.

mobileNokia upgrades 7250 handset with XHTML. Better browsing and digicam features.

moblogTom — The Guardian on moblogging and The Register gets suddenly upbeat about 3G.

javaJPatch 0.2.1, an open source patch modeler.

netVerizon to hand names over to RIAA. Sad, very sad.

wirelessWiFi pricing report: Europe is being ripped off..

java blogMatt — The Pragmatic Programmer.

macWWDC special event schedule posted. Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

meI've been slashdot banned, again.

Due largely to the absolutely ridiculous amount of abuse we get on a daily basis from poorly implemented headline readers, we were forced to implement a much more liberal automated banning system on RSS/RDF headline reading applications. Our policy is to allow one request every 30 minutes. We'll allow a few more before you will get banned, and we are more flexible still with proxy servers. However, in many cases, we have no choice but to ban abuse.

What a load of crap.

javaCastor 0.9.5, Java to XML data-binding, Java Data Objects (O/R) and DSML.

moblogJohn — WiFi Around The World.

pdaPalm merger was no slam dunk. After years of lackluster interest in merging with Palm, Handspring had a change of heart at the beginning of this year.

technologyCode ‘warrior’ to quit corporate battlefield. Justin Frankel, Nullsoft Inc.


java blogNorman — The Sun/JBoss Song.

java blogBob — Another Carbon.

java blogBob — Don't implement Page-by-Page Iterators using a scrollable ResultSet.

java blogWerner — Clover 1.2 released : code coverage.

java blogGérard — Jsh and the Isolation API.

java blogMatt — Another new Java language feature in Tiger... varags!

netSteve Case's Second Act. In all likelihood he'll soon part ways with the company he turned into an international phenomenon.

mobileVodafone looks to Liberty Alliance. Liberty Alliance and Passport must interoperate.

pdaWi-Fi Palm finds its voice. Nice niche.

moblogJim — App of the week.

java blogStephan — Log4J or not Log4J?

java blogJeff — How JBoss Group fork will affect architectural decision on JBoss?

moblogAra — Sony Ericsson P800.

blogSavs — IRC resurgence.

pcAMD stock downgraded. Intel's mid-quarter statement due today.

On June 5, 1968 — U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy was mortally shot in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy died early the next morning.