Rock Salt

Feb 16, 2001
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Rock Salt

Vicki and I went to the Rock Salt Steak House on Lake Union, for dinner, on Valentine's Day.

I had never heard of the place until our favorite radio station started running their ads.

I checked out the menu on their web site, and made reservations a few weeks back.

So far so good.

They called me a few days ago to confirm.

Even better.


They have a big lot right in front, we didn't have to wait for a good spot.

We're on a roll now.

Steak with a View

We were a little early so they made us wait for a few minutes.

I was anxious to see if our table was about to provide us with the advertised "Steak with a View".

A View to a Roadkill

Good table. At least it would have been if the view didn't suck. We're left staring at a tiny and dark pier, with the freeway in the background.

Bulky Winter Coats

The seats were a little small, so I enquired about a coat check. No such thing.

Menu Shortcut

No regular menu on the table, only this "Valentine Dinner Menu Special" printout.

Hopefully, they also carry their standard menu items...


"It would have been nice if they had told me about the special menu when I made my reservation."

No Steak, No View

One would think being a Steak House implies steaks on the menu. Well... apparently not on Valentine's Day. A New York strip and filet mignon is not what I would call a special selection.


I really wanted the sampler from the regular menu, but we had to settle for the Southwestern Egg Roll.


Vicki ordered a margarita, and I, a tomato juice.

Bread and Butter

We finally get our complimentary half loaf of barely warm sourdough bread.

Ever tried to spread iced butter with a big steak knife?

Not so Hot

I have to ask the waiter for Tabasco sauce, he didn't offer.

Dinner is Served

Egg roll tastes good, a little "doughy" as Vicki put it.

Boston clam chowder is the best thing so far.

Why do I keep on having to ask for more bread?


Filet with half-aussie lobster tail for me; 12 oz. prime rib with giant prawns for my sweetie.

I asked for rare. I got medium-rare. Why am I not surprised?

Vicki wanted medium-rare. 1/3 of it was, the rest pretty much very well-done. She told the waiter and he offered us free dessert for her trouble.

Dessert Pour Deux

Chocolate Walnut Praline Torte for Two.

The "for two" equates to a couple forks and a regular piece of pie. Good torte though.

First Time. Last Time

$100 later, no steak, no view. The claim of "affordable steaks" right out the window.

Hold the Salt, Please

We'll stick with the Outback, thank you.

And we did... We just had dinner there. <grin>