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booksJava Extreme Programming Cookbook Excerpts: Cooking with Java XP.

java blogJason — Why I stopped using vim and started using IntelliJ.

blogDavid — Standalone SWT libraries available.

java blogGreg — Linux+Apache+Tomcat Setup at

java blogThomas — SCJP Java 1.4 Certification - New Free Web Site - Test Your Java Knowledge.

blogDan — Making the most of your computer.

java blogCalvin — JBlogLib BloggerAPI Release.

javaJRioUtil 1.0, a GUI utility that interfaces with Sonicblue's line of MP3 players.

pcGateway Reports $200 Million Loss In First Quarter.

blogRuss — I DID IT!!!


javaA JSTL primer: Presentation is everything.

javaJSP best practices: Improve your look and feel with the JSP include mechanism.

wirelessSecuring 802.11 transmissions, Part 1.

javaNoUnit, measure your JUnit Test Coverage and Effectiveness.

javaJester, the jUnit test tester.

wirelessBeyond Wi-Fi: The 5 next big things. Ultrawideband, Mesh Networks, Software-Defined Radio, Wireless Personal Area Networks, Adaptive Radio.

java blogMatt — Cool Java Certification Site and What's coming in XHTML 2.0.

java blogJason — A call to Open Source developers...

java blogNiel — CodeNotes for Java.

javaPMD 1.0.5, a Java source code analyzer.

windowsWinCvs 1.3b13 released.

javaJava Aspect Components 0.10.1, a Java framework for distributed aspect oriented programming.

windowsVisual Studio .NET 2003 Available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads.

netNet spurned by 25% of Americans. One in four Americans say they do not go online and have no intention of doing so, a study finds. Is As They Shut Down.

newsShould You Hire a Hacker? Mitnick, he say yes.


javaJakarta Commons Validator 1.0.2. This release includes only bug fixes.

moblogJim — London Pub Meet - Tues 29th April.

blogHenri — SuSE 8.2.

blogMatt — Windows 2003 Server for $45.

moblogJoi — Moblogging conference in Tokyo - July 5.

blogKasia — Classifying programmers.

blogMatt — Meld: Visual Diff/Merge.

mobileIs cellphone porn hot or not? Conflicting stories.

wirelessCisco to ship Wi-Fi mobile phone in June. Model number 7920 with IEEE 802.11b.

humorUnemployed Man Files (And Gets!) $1.5M Tax Refund.

MultimediaSamsung debuts surround sound MP3 player. The YP-55 sports SRS Labs' WOW surround sound simulator.

newsPaul Allen Plans Sci-Fi Shrine in Seattle. Complete With Aliens.

javaNetBeans IDE 3.5 Beta. Codenamed Tegal.

mobileNokia hangs on to its lead. Nokia has posted robust profits, but warned that sales were weak and the outlook uncertain.

musicIn case you didn't know, Kelly Clarkson's new album, Thankful, is out.

java blogTom — A list of J2ME devices, together with in-depth specs.

On April 17, 1967 — The FBI lab reported that it could not determine the lyrics to “Louie Louie.”