Pesach: Passover

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macBellevue Apple Store set for a May opening.

java blogFred — J2ME Dev Portal Listing.

java blogDavid — blojsom 1.7.2 released.

moblogRaible — Cool Customer Service from AT&T.

blogDamien — Comments on “Pocket PC vs. Palm: Which is Really Easier?”

java blogAndy — Should JavaBlogs be just about Java? I agree. I want to read about everything, not just Java related material.

javaJava Calculator Suite 1/10^2, a collection of Java classes related to equation calculators.

mobileNokia camera sends a cell message. A wall-mounted surveillance camera that can send images directly to a cell phone will be available in the US this summer.

mobileNYT: Camera-Cellphones Reviewed. Nokia 3650 (from T-Mobile or AT&T Wireless), Panasonic GU87 (AT&T Wireless), Samsung V205 (T-Mobile) and Sanyo 5300 (Sprint PCS)

mobileWireless Porn Won't Be Hot, Analyst Firm Says.


javaNetcraft Java Servlet Engines Report. Tomcat and Resin, the #1 servers.

blogMatt — MailTo: Links.

blogNeema — Syndirella Retired.

java blogRyan — Starting the free J2EE course.

newsSun Microsystems Posts Small 3Q Profit, despite a 10 percent drop in sales.

macApple posts $14 million profit, or 4 cents per diluted share.


javaJakarta Commons Discovery (pre-)release 0.2, a component for discovering, or finding, implementations for pluggable interfaces.

javaJFormula 2.0, a Java Library for evaluating mathematical expressions.

javaJ2EE 1.4 Platform Specification Proposed Final Draft 3 Available.

blogMatt — What I learned from this weekend's re-design.

blogDominic — Tablet PC Developer site.

java blogSimon — Bye bye Radio Userland.

java blogJiri — How many development tools do you need?

java blogJason — Ant framework.

blogCarlos — Mathematical Modeling of SARS.

java blogTed — Effective Enterprise Java (Security): Always validate input.

javaFreeGuide TV Guide 0.5.4, a TV guide program written in Java.

macA very quick introduction to Java... Control iTunes with Java. 

pdaMitac's Mio338 Plus Pocket PC.

pdaWhy Pocket PC isn't WinCE? When is Windows CE not Windows CE? When it's part of Pocket PC, it seems.

blogBill — Use compression on your web server.

blogBrent — Safari and NetNewsWire.


javaJUI 0.6, a tool for creating Java GUI layout components.

blogDominic — Phoenix browser name change/rippoff.

blogKeith — Norah Jones live streamable/downloadable music.

windowsCorel debuts new WordPerfect.

netIn Searching the Web, Google Finds Riches. The band of technoinsurgents who run Google are striking a blow against the giant Web portals by rewriting the rules of Internet advertising.

java blogMike — JavaBlogs read statistics and Java + Lego to solve Rubik's Cube?

pdaPocket PC vs. Palm: Which is Really Easier?

meApache crashed while we were in California. Funny how it always seems to happen when we're out of town.

javaRational Straddles Java and .NET. How will IBM's acquisition of Rational change the acknowledged leader in modeling and lifecycle tools?

javaTricks with Static Initializers. Don't be limited to simple expressions when initializing static values. Static initializers provide more complex processing for initializing classes

javaTop Java Programming Prize Winner. David Arthur, a junior at Duke University, has won this year's Sun Microsystems and TopCoder Collegiate Challenge.

javaSerialize Java Data Objects to XML. Save and Restore Java data objects to a compact, robust, and reusable XML form.

javaJava and the Model Driven Architecture. Building distributed, Web-based applications will get easier when you regard target platforms and middleware.

On April 16, 1996 — Kiss announced a reunion tour with makeup.