Twits du Jour (Aug 3)

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  • New leaked TPP text puts fair use at risk. #
  • MIT students own the MA State Lottery, make $8 million. Officials knew of flaw, but did nothing, #
  • MySQL 5.6.6 to include memcached and a plugin that allows fast NoSQL-style access #
  • Tell Your Boss Anything: Anonymously Emails Your Boss #
  • The root of all evil, corn and Monsanto…. now at Walmart. #
  • RT @dalmaer: Respect the users status bar; Man the Olympics app can suck can't it?: The status bar should be treated with res… http:// … #
  • RT @ultramookie: put that burger down, you're killing the earth. #thanks #
  • @ultramookie Saw that earlier. Seems like a lot of work, though. #
  • @talios Duh, and I just read the bio page too. #
  • @talios What is it written in? Not that it matters much anymore. #
  • @talios No SQL storage support unless you go Pro. Hmmm… #
  • @talios No, you? #
  • Which freaking database should I use? #
  • RT @mat: Excellent take on Twitter's @guyadams mess by @mattbuchanan #