Twits du Jour (Aug 1)

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  • The free ride is just about over… Internet Sales Tax Coming Soon #
  • The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater #
  • @jimh #nbcfail wants to maximize advertising $, even the online stuff is loaded with ads. Capitalism + greed = awesome combination. #
  • @jimh And I bet they didn't spend $1B for the rights to air everything tape-delayed… ;-) #
  • French Retailer Wants Rights to Anonymous Logo #
  • FCC tells Verizon to pay $1.25 million and unblock tethering apps #
  • Not too surprising… #
  • RT @NBCDelayed: PROGRAMMING UPDATE: We have misplaced the Olympic tapes, we'll be playing a few episodes of M*A*S*H that our intern foun … #
  • RT @jimh: 9 things the public are banned from doing at the Olympics - #