Makes boring code look pretty...

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What is Syntaclet?

As a programmer it's very common to be surfing the interwebs for various code snippets and examples. The problem is many websites have poor methods for displaying the sample code making it hard to read. This is where Syntaclet comes in. Simply click the Syntaclet Bookmarklet and it will automatically apply language specific syntax coloring with line numbers to all the code on the page.

How do I use Syntaclet?

Syntaclet is a bookmarklet, a bookmark which acts like a little computer program rather than taking you to a website. To use Syntaclet simply drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar (or right click and choose "Add to favorites..."). Now anytime you are on a website you can simply click '{} Syntaclet' in your bookmarks bar and it will go to work making all the code on the website easier to read. It will also bring up the Syntaclet toolbar giving you some options.

That's all there is to it!