for webOS 1.0.2

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HP just approved my updated version of for webOS.

Version 1.0.2 adds support for cross-app launching and international characters.

Cross-app launching was suggested by Marc (@ScienceApps) in order to provide support for posting via inside his Lithium Messenger and Multiple App Launcher apps.

Any webOS app (>= 1.4.0) should be able to cross-launch by using something like:

var args = {
appId: "net.thauvin.erik.webos.pingfm",
name: "main"
var params = {
method: "blogs",
title: "This is a test title",
message: "This is a test message"
this.controller.stageController.pushScene(args, params);

The parameters are as follows:

methodNoThe service, trigger or group to post to.
(e.g.: microblog, @tt, #group, etc.)
titleNoTitle of the posted message, if required or supported.
(e.g.: blog)
messageNoThe message body.

I've also implemented a workaround for an inconsistency in the API that prevents posting to certain groups.

As usual, the up-to-date source is in my subversion repos.


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Erik C. Thauvin

Apr 18, 2011

Nice writeup from Marc:

In French.