Random Babbling

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MySQL 3.23.52 it out. I've just upgraded the server.

Yesterday I bought a copy of NewzCrawler, which is very similar to NetNewsWire, but for Winblows.

I've also created an RDF channel for this blog.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day, we're all helping Flora finish her move. Vicki is conveniently still out of town. She's coming back on Wednesday.

Wow, major flashback. I just saw a new version of Practica Musica on VersionTracker. I bought that software back in 1989, but never really got around to use it much.

Fred Thompson is joining the cast of Law & Order. I remember when he first ran for a senate seat I thought he was on his way to become a future presidential candidate. Acting is good too.

I just read about France considering banning porn from TV. At least they're showing some. The only thing we get around here is soft-porn, which is really offending.

Apple strikes again. Looks like DDR means nothing on the Mac. At least someone is suing them over .Overpriced. Hope they win.

Microsoft now says the SSL flaw is in the operating system, not the Web browser. Let me see if I got the story straight: It's not really IE's fault, but only affects IE. Whatever... fix it already.

I'm gonna get me one of 'em Tombstone ATMs.

Ummm... I don't know what to think of the 9/11 LIHOP theory. But as far as conspiracy theories go, it's a good one.