Twits Du Jour

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  • Suze Orman just mentioned it on Larry King. It does absolutely nothing except redir.. #
  • Twits Du Jour #
  • Southwest is pretty smart advertising no hidden fees for checked bags, etc. #
  • There isn't one CNN journalist with any backbone. They just 'toss' questions out there, just like Jay Leno. But they do have cute anchors. #
  • Retweeting @jimh: should we buy any food stuffs from a country that poisons its own babies? #
  • CNN's Issue #1 Help Desk is on twitter @issue1cnn #
  • The Strength To Be There #
  • @silentpenguin French's hard. #
  • My guess is that Palin is going to do interviews with ABC (done), CBS (Sept 29) and NBC. That's it. #
  • @silentpenguin Heck, I could barely speak French at 14, and I'm French. ;-) #
  • @silentpenguin Boys will be boys. #
  • @RussB We're paying for that commercial too. #
  • I haven't used Facebook in a while, I guess it hasn't gotten any more reliable. #
  • @jimh Anyone would be better than the bunch of apathetic twits we call journalists. They just toss questions but never actually get answers. #
  • I have to admit that I liked Carly's 'straight-talk' comments. #
  • Gotta get some Z's. The sun has been up for over 3 hours now. #
  • Another Way to Die #
  • Playing with AGPS on my Touch Cruise. It seems to working, but I don't see any advantages, yet. #
  • CrossOver Chromium: is a Mac and Linux port of Google’s Chrome browser, #
  • @RussB At least you don't have to pull out the rabbit ears and dtv converter. ;-) #
  • @ev Try the whois registration address? kleampa at #
  • Watching America's Got Talent, just because I caught a glimpse of The Hoff's teary eyes while surfing. #
  • @puredanger It's all an illusion. #
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