I Suck!

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Flat out suck. At least according to Erik Alders.


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Mar 19, 2007

Hysterical. It's always great to see some completely unhinged person on the internet take their time to write some insane rant, and then at the end tell you to rethink your life. Wackjob! I mean, he obviously doesn't have a clue - everyone knows Nightcrawler is the best X-Man. ;-)


Erik C. Thauvin

Mar 19, 2007

I'm kinda partial to Havok, although he wasn't in the movies ;-)


Erik Alders

Mar 20, 2007

I think it's funny that you faggots call me unhinged and a wackjob, when you're the 35 year olds sitting in your basement bitching about jack-shit and stealing other people's content. Thauvin, don't EVER say that all your content is original, because I have seen this stuff on at least 5 other sites. You're just as bad as Eric Baumann, [a.k.a. EBaum, owner of EBaum's world] another douchebag who shares my first name. As for you Russ, you're a bitchboy. The last thing this blog needs is a bunch of impartial retards posting all over the place saying, "I have to stand up for some middle-aged married guy obviously going through a mid-life crisis, because if he recognizes that I did, I can say I have at least one friend when I go back to my 15-year high school reunion." So, I challenge you, Erik C. Thauvin, Russ, and all the other femboy mascots of this site who will read this, to find me. I live in North Vancouver, British Columbia. My first name IS Erik, but I'm not stupid enough to post with my real last name, because google does reference me. I live in the Grousewoods suburb, I enjoy skateboarding, and I can often be found at the William Griffin skateboard bowl. I'm 14 years old and in grade nine at the school nearest to my house. Now that you know something about me, I dare you assholes to come and find me. Kick my ass if you want, or give me a verbal beating, I don't care. I only live an hour or two drive away from your home, so next time you're above the border, come visit me. By the way, The JLA could kick the X-Men's ass.

P.S. If you want to read a real blog, go to Maddox's site