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Erik Alders

Mar 19, 2007

You suck. Flat out suck. I am disgraced to have the same first name as you. I thought, one day, "Hey, why don't I search my name on google and see if it references me." Instead, I get this shitty blog as the first hit. Fuck you, man.You have shit taste in movies, comics, TV shows, and pretty much everything else. The X-Men suck dick. Their only good member is Wolverine, and all he does is walk around healing himself and NOT dying because he can't. Seriously, what good is that. Who gives a shit if his skeleton is indestructable, Wolverine is a pussy. Also, regarding you movie list, the fact that you loved Terminator 3 writes you off as a retard. I leave more acting talent in the toilet. And for the record, Def Leppard, U2, Lisa Marie Presley, and Green Day are all shitty. They can all float around in society's toilet bowl with Arnold Schwarzenegger. With your taste in television, I'm suprised you don't have a vagina. Kyle XY? I go to the gym a block from where that's filmed, and I already can tell that it sucks balls. I hope you do move to Barcelona, because I couldn't live with the fact that someone with such shitty taste in everything occupies the same continent as I do. Grow some balls, and rethink your life choices.