To Aqua or not to Aqua

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To Aqua or not to Aqua. The problem with Aqua is that it doesn't really give me anything that substantially improves my daily computer usage. At least not over 9, Windows or even KDE. As a matter of fact, it is forcing me to unlearn some of the (bad) habits I've proudly cultivated for years. Without clear benefits, it is hard to convince myself that I should make the effort to learn new ways. My first instinct is to reach for a Terminal window. Granted, I've always been command line proficient, but when faced with the choice I used to favor the GUI approach. This feeling is not specific to OS X; I just find myself wanting to make things simpler, faster and more uniform across OSs. Even though the commands may actually vary from platforms to platforms, CLIs pretty much look and operate the same across the board. Heck, even Tog is frustrated with Apple.

Microsoft crashes Palm developer party. Shouldn't be too hard for the Evil Empire to generate some interest with key Palm OS developers. Palm had no developer programs per-say until very recently. And from what I've seen, they still have a long way to go.

Free software download have string attached. Are you ready to give up your privacy for freebies? Most Americans are.

John Lennon died on December 9, 1980.

FTC to vote on AOL-Time Warner merger. We may get busy signals trying to watch CNN after all. ;-)

ABC and NBC are already canceling new shows. I firmly believe most people simply do not watch new TV shows, at least not with any kind of regularity. We just get hooked during the re-run season; while there's nothing else to watch. Unfortunately, most shows have already been axed by then.

Looking for digital stocking stuffers for Christmas? You might want to check the SF Chronicle's Gadget Guide.

Macromedia has released updated Shockwave & Flash Players.

AportisDoc Mobile Edition version 2.2.1 is now available. A .1 update which probably addresses a few bugs.

The Evil Empire strikes back. This time they are preventing BugTraq from publishing MS Bulletins and security holes.

Inside the extremely wired homes of the rich. Hey Larry can I squat at your place for a year or two?