IKEA Bed Falls Apart (Part Trois)

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IKEA Bed Falls Apart

This almost sounds like a joke. Our IKEA MALM bed frame fell apart, again. This is the third time an IKEA bed broke on us, in less than a year.

I know we could stand to lose a few pounds, but come on…


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Dec 5, 2007

Try buying the better "flexible" slats...I have a Malm bed too and I have had no problems with it. I was told by the employee in the store that the cheapest slats ($50) are very brittle and will break easily and to use the $70 "Lien" slats instead. They have a 25 year warranty if they should happen to break and are flexible (way more give), 5 layers of glued wood...like a leaf spring for a car. Or even better go for the $100 slats...same idea only they are narrower, twice as many of them and 5 extra close ones for extra support where you are heaviest (bum!) Good luck!

Mar 8, 2008

did the slats break or do they just fall off. iv seen counless number of people put the slats on wrong. theres those screws u put at the end of each side so the slats it tight. many people skip this step saying its pointless because they dont know what the screws are for.