IE7, the feed master.

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I've been playing with IE 7 Beta 2 preview for a few minutes. I does a terrific job with feeds. Wow!

Regardless of how good it really is, I suspect people are going to flock back to IE in mass. Firefox days in the limelight are up.

Ed jolted down his first impressions. Including some visual problems with Eclipse.

Joey is complaining that IE7 beta still can't handle port numbers, which bugs me too.


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Mats Lindblad

Feb 1, 2006

Yea they copied the Safari way of doing it really well. Well not really but they tried, just like they tried to copy the Webdeveloper Toolbar and call it Accessibility Toolbar.

It looks really shiny and slick but that's about it.

Half-assed software like this should never see the light of day.