Erik's Pulse: 2003-08-11

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Erik's Pulse: 2003-08-11
by Erik C.Thauvin
headshot Erik has his finger on the pulse of the Java community. This column is his take on what is hot, and what the community is buzzing about.
Erik's Top Ten Java Community Hot Spots
  • Atlassian's java.blogs aggregates Java related weblogs.
  • Artima's Java Buzz is a community of Java webloggers.
  • Javalobby currently has over 95000 members.
  • TheServerSide is a J2EE community.
  • JSurfer is a portal for news, discussions and reviews for the Java community.
  • Sun's technology collaboration community features a wiki, directory and even weblogs.
  • provides daily Java news, columns and tutorials in both English and Russian.
  • architectslobby is a community for Enterprise Architects.
  • is an IT resource community.
  • Codingstyle deals with all mainstream programming languages.
Erik is director of technology at Imacination Software, where he has spent the better part of last year developing the jTalk E-Business Platform. He has close to 20 years of professional experience in software development.

Erik also maintains a popular Java blog and can be found lurking in #mobitopia
This story was published in the August 11, 2003 issue of the Java Developer's Journal Newsletter.