Erik's Pulse: 2007-01-30

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 The Pulse
Erik C. Thauvin maintains a blog, as well as one of the web's first and most popular linkblogs, which he updates daily with the latest Java and technology news.

Erik C. ThauvinPicks of the Week:

Tip of the Week:

Singletons and lazy loading

Tutorial of the Week:

SQL Simplicity for Java Value Mapping

Notable Software Releases:

A03 Look And Feel Beta 0.1 ant4eclipse 0.5-RC1 Apache Jackrabbit 1.2.1
Apache Java XML Security 1.4 Apache Shale 1.0.4 Azureus
DbWrench 1.4.0 DTDDoc 1.0.0 EJBCA 3.4.0
Essence 0.69 FreeMarker 2.3.9 GeoServer 1.5.0-beta2
InfinityDB Database Engine 1.0.57 IntegraTUM WebDisk 0.4 iScreen 1.1.0
JamochaMUD 1.7-07-01-28 JAMWiki 0.5.1 Jasypt 1.0
Java checkstyle Tool 4.3 Java Mozilla Html Parser 1.0.1 JAXB RI 2.1.2
JDeveloper Jeta H3 1.0 JExifViewer 1.4
jFin A0_0_1 jGnash 1.11.0 JIRA Client 1.0
JNIWrapper 3.6 JNutrix 0.14ca Jodd b267
jRipper 2007.01 jscl-meditor 2.0_01 Open-RJ 1.6.3
Restlet 1.0 RC4 Scala 2.3.2 SDoc 0.5.0-beta
StelsDBF 2.0 Subversive 1.1.0 RC4 Sun Java System Web Server 7.0
Syncro SVN Client 2.0 ThinkUI SQL Client 0.9.7 Tiffanys 0.3
Widgets 0.1 beta XINS 2.0.0-alpha3

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This story was published in the January 31, 2007 issue of the Javalobby Newsletter.