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I've stopped smoking cigarettes a while back, but I still enjoy good cigars. I generally favor cigars which are medium-bodied, maduro-wrapped and corona-sized. I bought my Cherrywood Humidor from the Thompson Cigar Company, and a Paradigm Humidor system from Dee's Fine Cigars. I generally find deals through Cigar Hunter or buy locally from the Tinder Box. I'm a sucker for gadgets like the Drawpoker, and the Xikar Xi cigar cutter. Below are the rings of some of the cigars I've smoked, in no specific order.
La Unica Macanudo Mayorga
Royal Jamaica Thompson Montesino
Onyx Padron Punch
Roly El Rey Del Mundo Don Diego Reserve
Arturo Fuente Cohiba Cuesta-Rey
Tamayo & Pareto Puros Indios La Paloma Vintage Reserva
W & D Natural Partagas
H. Upmann Fonseca Cohiba
Balmoral   Arturo Fuente Special