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20 Jul 2007 Jesus, War and Religion
If Jesus was alive today, he would be profiled and labeled as a terrorist. Religion is (and has been) at the root of all wars. Ignorance is at the root of re...
20 Jul 2007 Ashton Kutcher: ooma
Did you see that Ashton Kutcher is the creative director for the much talked about VoIP startup, ooma?
20 Jul 2007 Canon Digital Rebel DRM alert!
You may have heard that the latest Harry Potter book has appeared in digital form before its release, people have published digital photographs of the books...
20 Jul 2007 D-Link DSM-520 Downgrade
A new firmware for the D-Link DSM-520 MediaLounge, version 1.04, was recently released. It has given nothing but troubles. I had to downgrade to version 1.02...
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