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9 Apr 2007 No Vindows Mobile 6 Upgrade from AT&T Cingular...
I have been told by a pretty reliable source at AT&T Cingular that they will not offer upgrades to Windows Mobile 6 to current Blackjack and 8525 owners. New...
24 Jan 2007 Free 3D Golf Game
In exchange for signing up for a newsletter (or not), Microsoft is making OmmiG Software's 3D Golf Game for Windows Mobile available for free:
11 Jan 2007 iPhone on Pocket PC
28 Dec 2006 Configuring DST on WM
Because of the Energy Policy Act, daylight saving time will be extended by four weeks in 2007. How to configure daylight saving time for the United States an...
19 Dec 2006 ClearTemp 0.9
Vicott Wong has just released ClearTemp 0.9, a nifty utility which allows you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on your Windows...
18 Dec 2006 OggSync
I'm still looking for the perfect solution to sync PocketOutlook to Google Calendar. OggSync supports full sync (two-ways) across multiple calendars. It is p...
17 Dec 2006 GMobileSync
GMobileSync allows you to remotely synchronize Google Calendar events to PocketOutlook on your Windows Mobile 5.0 device.
4 Dec 2006 Windows Live Mobile
Available for Windows Mobile and J2ME. There's also a beta version of Windows Live Messenger for mobile browsers.
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