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8 Oct 2012 How Safe Is Your PIN?
Since PIN guessing and hacking has been all over the news lately, here's a comprehensive look at everything you should know about PINs and PIN safety.
24 Sep 2012 Young Professionals & Risky Tech Behavior
Would you ever beg to use a stranger's mobile phone?
7 Sep 2012 How Much Do Apple, Google, Amazon Spend on Advertising?
Google, Amazon and Apple are listed among the six companies with the highest ad-spending growth rates.
17 Aug 2012 Dissecting a Crash Test Dummy
Crash test dummies simulate a human's dimensions, weight proportions, and articulations, while collecting data that would otherwise be impossible to gather...
24 Jul 2012 Why Do Users Upgrade Software?
and why they don't...
8 May 2012 E-book Nation
The nation is experiencing a shift from printed to digital materials...
31 Mar 2012 World Backup Day
I still use Mozy and Acronis for my online/offline backup needs.
26 Mar 2012 What your wallet says about you?
The wallet may very well be heading toward extinction.
31 Oct 2001 Behind This Blog...
The technology behind this blog...