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20 Dec 2013 First Snow
First snow of the season.
20 Mar 2012 Snow White and the Huntsman
Second trailer...
29 Feb 2012 Snow Dust
Been trying to snow all day & night. Finally sticking a bit... It'll most likely be all gone by morning.
19 Jan 2012 Plowing x 3
Third day in a row we had to plow...
19 Jan 2012 Still snowing...
We'll be plowing and deicing again this afternoon.
18 Jan 2012 Plowing again...
The boys are back...
18 Jan 2012 6 inches
Looks like we'll have to plow again tonight.
17 Jan 2012 Night Snow Plow
Boys and their toys...
8 Mar 2002 Snow Watch '02
I took the following pictures in the early morning of March 8, 2002.