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8 Jun 2019 Worldwide Knit in Public Day
At Tabby's in the Everett Public Library...
5 May 2019 Avengers: Endgame
Early showing...
2 May 2019 CT Scan Results
Just got the results of today's CT scan... Apparently, I'm quite unremarkable, and that's a good thing!
12 Apr 2019 Chemo: Day 63
Only 4 hrs this time...
22 Mar 2019 Chemo: Day 42
Going to be here for at least 7 hours. Since I had a pretty severe reaction the last time, I'm on a slow/desensitization infusion protocol.
18 Mar 2019 Captain Marvel
Haven't been to a theater in a long while.
7 Mar 2019 Snowing...
And sticking....
1 Mar 2019 Chemo: Day 21
Infusion Round 2
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