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11 Oct 2012 The Health Hazards of Tablet Use
Tablet use can pose health hazards according to a Harvard study.
19 Sep 2012 Tablet Takeover: Is Your Future PC-Free?
The astounding rise in tablets.
24 Jul 2012 Mobile Content: Usage & Expectations
What is Slowing Down Your Mobile Apps?
16 Jul 2012 Mobile Money: Facebook Advertising
Mobile-targeted ads and marketing tactics are becoming both necessary and profitable in a wide range of industries...
10 Jul 2012 Sneaky Apps & Your Personal Information
Too many people don't take the necessary steps to protect the information they've shared online.
5 Jul 2012 The Dangers of Texting an Driving
Did you know, that almost 60% of drivers use their phones on the road?
2 Jul 2012 Cellular Jerks: Where Are Your Mobile Manners?
90% of cellphone users think they have excellent mobile manners...
23 Apr 2012 The Death of RIM
For a time, RIM's BlackBery was the hottest item for technophiles everywhere...
17 Jul 2006 LG CU500 Mini Review
First In Line... Last Saturday I picked up a new LG CU500 from the Issaquah Cingular store...
14 Mar 2005 Jabra BT800 mini-review
Since I've gotten so much mail & IMs regarding my Jabra BT800 Bluetooth headset, I figured I'd post a mini-review to answer most of questions...
24 Nov 2004 AAS Review: CodeScanner
Mobile Innovation's CodeScanner (IDE version) is a static source code analyzer with a mobile twist...
1 Oct 2004 My 7610 Journey
Charlie was nice enough to send me a Nokia 7610 to play with. I received it a couple weeks ago, and here's what happened since then...
30 Mar 2003 Zaurus: TCP/IP over USB HowTo
Here are the steps I used to configure my Zaurus SL-5500 for TCP/IP over USB under Windows XP.
27 Mar 2003 Zaurus: First Impressions
I finally received my Zaurus yesterday...