Steve's Keynote

Jan 10, 2006
<1 min read

Expectation is high for Steve's keynote at Macworld. I suspect Steve's announcements are going to be less than exceptional. The fact that Apple is not provid...

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WWDC, FireIE...

Jun 29, 2004
1 min read

[@557] WWDC As Frank and Russ mentioned, Apple is at it again. How ironic that during the week Apple pledges support to developers, it blatantly chooses to b...

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Macworld: Last Day

Jan 9, 2004
4 min read

[@034] Court Rejects Settlement Claims. Microsoft vs. Lindows. Rael — Z600 as Bluetooth Modem. Bill — AppleScript XSLT Tools 2.0 Beta. Release o...

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Macworld 3 - CES 1

Jan 8, 2004
6 min read

[@181] Content feeds with RSS 2.0. This article reviews RSS 2.0, looks at new RSS developments, and jump-starts your understanding of this important format....

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Macworld Day 2

Jan 7, 2004
8 min read

[@161] Sorry for the lack of update this afternoon. We returned to Vicki's sister house only to find out that the power was out. We immediately had to take e...

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