Twits du Jour (Jun 17)

Jun 18, 2015
<1 min read

My aimless tweets for June 17, 2015

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Twits du Jour (Jul 31)

Aug 1, 2011
<1 min read

My incoherent tweets for July 31, 2011

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Beginners Guide To Lock Picking

Aug 13, 2007
1 min read

You never know where and when you may need to pick a lock. You may just need to get into your house or car, or you may be captured by insurgents in a foreign...

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Dec 18, 2003
7 min read

[@321] Open Source Firm Releases Patch for IE Bug. Fixes Internet Explorer's URL spoofing vulnerability. David — IntelliJ Aurora, build 998 is available. Mat...

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Asleep at the wheel...

Jul 22, 2003
6 min read

[@000] Russ — Sun Vs. Palm Continued. IBM giving SuSE Enterprise Linux away. Go on, give it a try. Sun holds onto profit as revenue falls. More cash piled aw...

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