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6/20/06 Backing MySQL Up
I've seen quite some talk about various Automatic MySQL Backup scripts. Maybe I'm missing the point, but backing up MySQL databases is not rocket science. I...
5/28/06 CentOS 4.3 Upgrade
CalPop just upgraded my server to CentOS 4.3. So far so good. I'm fixing problems as I see them. [@588] I think I've dealt with everything. Let me know if so...
2/14/06 Subversion diff with vim
Once in a while I have to use Subversion on a Linux box. Not a big deal, except for diffs. The standard svn diff output is not the most readable. Vim, or mor...
2/3/06 Compiling Python Bindings for Subversion 1.3.0
I was trying to setup ViewVC to display both my public cvs and subversion repositories. It meant I had compile the swig-py bindings. Subversion 1.3.0 require...
8/15/03 Yellow Dog, Wallstreet and MA401
Here are the steps I had to take to make my NETGEAR MA401 802.11b Wireless PCMCIA card to work on my PowerBook Wallstreet G3 under Yellow Dog Linux 3.0.