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19 Oct 2007 Erik's Shared Items
I've started collecting items of interest on Google Reader, you can access them via Erik's Shared Items . Don't you start thinking I'm restarting the old lin...
15 May 2007 R.I.P Linkblog
After 7 years, It's time to put my linkblog to rest. I've been struggling in the last few months to find good content... what used to take 30 minutes, now ta...
13 Jul 2006 25K
Is the number of published links in my linkblog. W00t!
15 Feb 2006 Popular Links
I've implemented a way to view the linkblog's Popular Links. The page and feeds list the most popular links in the last 24 hours. The lists are updated at le...
27 Jan 2006 #1 on Yahoo!
Wow. I finally made it as #1 on Yahoo! And with the linkblog nonetheless.
10 Jan 2006 20,000 Links under the Hood
Erik's Linkblog has reached over 20,000 links. That's an average of around 38 links per day. If you had any doubts, the Link is indeed Out There!
19 Aug 2004 Mobilezed
[@476] Mobilezed I just created a mobile version of my Linkblog. Nothing too fancy. I tried to keep it as simple as I could. Thanks to Jim and Russ for the a...
4 Mar 2004 Old friend...
[@024] Tutorial: Developing JavaServer Faces Applications Using WebSphere Studio 5.1.1. Getting on the open road: Migrate to the Java platform. A three-part...
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