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9 Nov 2012 The History of 007
James Bond History and Timeline
2 Nov 2012 James Bond: The Nymphographic
L007K UP! L007K DOWN! L007K OUT! James Bond Does It Everywhere!
10 Oct 2012 How Much Would a Real James Bond Cost Taxpayers?
How much would James Bond cost to operate?
20 Aug 2012 James Bond: 50 Years of Bond Girls
50 years of timeless beauty.
20 Aug 2012 James Bond: 50 Years of Gadgets
To celebrate 50 years of Bond check out a look at some of the best Bond gadgets over the years.
31 Jul 2012 SKYFALL
The new SKYFALL US theatrical trailer.
21 May 2012 SKYFALL
Teaser Trailer...
17 Sep 2008 Another Way to Die
The Quantum of Solace theme song, Another Way to Die, is featured in this latest Coke Zero ad.
23 Jan 2015 Movies (2015)
Brief reviews of every movie I saw in theaters in 2015.