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15 Mar 2018 Ultrasound
At Northwest Hospital...
14 May 2016 Discharge Papers
They are kicking me out of here today. Just waiting for my orders.
11 May 2016 Room Without a View
Back in the hospital, had a couple surgeries. Bed rest yesterday, but I should be able to take a stroll today.
22 Feb 2016 Home Sweet Home
How sweet it'll be, indeed. 10 days ago, I walked into the ER. Today I'm being discharged, finally going back home. I've lost a few internal parts (some good...
16 Feb 2016 Thoughts from my Hospital Bed...
Now that the NG tube doesn't hurt as much, I can finally get some rest. I fell asleep a few minutes after Vicki left last night. 3 am, fully awake. Left with...
15 Feb 2016 Room with a View...
I got to walk around my floor at the Harborview Medical Center... Even took a few pictures... Last we heard, surgery is tomorrow. Not confirmed, yet.
13 Feb 2016 I have a tube up my nose!
So I was admitted to the Harborview Medical Center after a trip to the ER last night. They found a 5cm mass at the top of my colon, that needs to be surgical...
31 Aug 2011 The Hazards of Hospitals
Is there anything left in this country that is not operating at a subpar level?
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