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8/17/11 Google: 11 Years of Acquisitions
6/29/11 Google Takeout
Buzz, Contacts, Picasa & Profile. No Gmail, Docs, etc.
6/28/11 Google+ Mobile
Looks pretty good actually.
3/11/11 Google's Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake
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12/14/10 Erik's Shared Items Have Moved!
In an effort to consolidate my Google accounts, and since Google has yet to provide a way to merge accounts, I have moved my Google Reader Shared Items to he...
7/8/10 Tiproid 0.4
I've just released an updated version of Tiproid, a tip calculator. As with GoogSMS and SpellIt, this version allows for the installation location to be chan...
6/29/10 GoogSMS & SpellIt 0.2
I've just updated GoogSMS and SpellIt to allow for changing the installation location to the device's SD card under Android 2.2 (FroYo). I've also added a co...
6/28/10 AT&T Nexus One FroYo Manual Installation Steps
Here are the steps I used to manually install FroYo (EPE54B to FRF85) on my AT&T bound Nexus One: Download the update from Google's server. Move the archive...
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