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24 Mar 2008 QuickGPS Registry Fix
QuickGPS stopped working on my HTC Touch Cruise a few days ago. Each time I would try to update it, I'd get some sort of connection failure. I did a bit of r...
13 Feb 2008 HTC Touch Cruise: Early Thoughts
Some of my thoughts on using the HTC Touch Cruise since last Friday: You really have to take out the battery to put in the SIM card. Took me a while to figur...
11 Feb 2008 Touch Cruise vs. Tilt
I took a few pictures of my new HTC Touch Cruise next to my AT&T Tilt.
6 Oct 2007 AT&T Tilt: Random Thoughts
No AT&T preinstalled software. No AT&T Mall, Cellular Video, Get Xpress Mail or Get BlackBerry Connect, Trial Games, IM Client, etc. as reported by many web...
15 Sep 2007 iPhone Unlocking Done Right
27 Jul 2007 Yahoo! Go 2.0 for Windows Mobile
A beta version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 for Windows Mobile is finally available for my Cingular/AT&T 8525. I installed it today. It is big and quite slow even over W...
24 Jul 2007 iPhone Sales Miss Target
Although there were only two days left to Q2 when Apple began selling the iPhone, that appeared to be enough to help boost profits and revenues...With the Ju...
21 Jul 2007 AT&T: Reunited
In 1982, telephone monopoly "Ma Bell" (AT&T) was broken up into 7 independent telephone companies known as "Baby Bells". It didn't take too long before all t...
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