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A lot of information flying around relating to yesterday's MacIntel announcements. A lot of questions too.

Michael asks whether the MacBook Pro is the ideal Java machine. Rick found a small Q&A for Java on MacIntel. Tristan is offering some interesting comprisons charts. Neil is lamenting on the lack of software. Ted was disappointed with the Stevenote. Sam is getting a trade-in iMac for his DTK. Mark wonders if the Apple laptops are a good deal. Carlo thinks Apple is missing the boat.

At least we now know they are not preventing us from running Windows. It won't be long before someone figures out a way to make Windows run natively inside Mac OS X. Microsoft already stated that VirtualPC will not run on Rosetta.

Battery life has been surgically removed from all docs, etc. How bad is it? Come on Steve, we can take it.

I also wonder how hot the MacBook Pro really gets? Is that why the internal modem was nixed? Room for an additional fan?

Looks like XP won't run on the MacBook Pro after all.