Cingular IM & Mail

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Cingular IM & Mail

Cingular introduced a couple of free J2ME clients for Instant Messaging and Mail. I've been playing with them on my RAZR for a bit now. They totally rock.

The IM client is developed by Thumbspeed and supports AOL, Yahoo! and MSN. This thing is a beauty. By far the best J2ME app I've seen in a long, long time. The only drawback is that it is SMS-based.


Anup Kejriwal emailed me the following: "I just wanted to clarify that the client is actually fully GPRS based and not SMS based. CIR messages come over the SMS channel when the client is not running." — Cool!

The Mail client is developed by OZ Communications and supports Yahoo!, MSN/Hotmail and AOL Mail. A nice app too, but the lack of settings for a custom mail server renders it kinda useless to me.

Right now the list of supported handsets is pretty slim, but it should expand soon.

Tip of the hat to Cingular. For once they picked the right partners.