Stuck Pixels

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Stuck Pixels I'm pretty happy with my new Dell 2001FP monitor, although I did find a couple dead/stuck pixels. The first one I noticed almost immediately, as it is stuck on green which is visible on a black background. The second one I noticed yesterday, stuck on red. Thankfully, a close DPT inspection did not reveal any more. I really don't care about the green one as it is almost never visible. The red one, on the other hand, is quite prominent. Especially on white backgrounds. I decided to email Dell to see what their exchange policy was. Here's what they replied:
Dear Mr. Thauvin, Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support. Mr. Thauvin, I would like to inform you that the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen consists of millions of individual dots. These picture elements, or pixels, combine to create the picture on your screen. A pixel is the smallest point in an image displayed on a computer monitor or LCD. Sometimes a pixel will become fixed, or stuck permanently and will appear as one specific light or dark colored dot. A display with one to five fixed pixels is within the industry standards, and is considered an acceptable display. 4 to 5 Defective Pixels anywhere on screen is not terms for flat panel replacement. Do not replace a flat panel if only one or two pixels are out. This also applies to white, black, red, blue, or green pixels. The only exception to the above rule will be if a flat panel has two pixels stuck ON in the center of the screen. The center of the screen is defined as the area of the screen that is four inches horizontally, by three inches vertically. NOTE:-Please note that a replacement flat panel which is dispatched may be the same or worse and as long as it meets or exceeds our guidelines, then Dell will not replace it a second time.
The reason I asked about the exchange policy is that various LCD manufacturers/stores are reportedly offering zero bad pixel policies. Dell's current guidelines are perfectly acceptable. There is really no guarantee that exchaning the monitor will help, it might even be worse. I just have one recommendation, if you don't see anything wrong with your LCD monitor. Don't investigate. Now that I know where the stuck pixels are, I can't help but staring at them.