3 steps forward, 5 steps back

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Scott is saying that IBM hasn't contributed to Java nearly as much as Sun has. I say bullshit. It's not about how much you contribute but how good of a contribution you make.

IBM has created some amazingly useful Java-based technology. Proven technology too. The Enterprise world is eating it up. IBM is making a killing in the Enterprise Market. Sun is constantly left in the dust.

Scott, put your $ where your mouth is. Oops... I forgot... You got none left.

Btw, Scott. IBM never said they would open source DB2. If you catch my drift.

It takes some serious marbles to refuse to listen to the company that is eating most of the pie you've baked, or maybe it's just plain stupidity.


What's with the new version number anyway? Isn't Java 2 at version 1.4 already confusing enough? What's next? Java Lite and Java Pro?

Johnathan, please try to keep your brain farts to yourself. Pretty please.

Java3 steps forward, 5 steps back

Java 5.0 is a joke, seriously. Sun is pushing for Java on the desktop, but the next version of Java brings nothing to the table. Whether the improvements to the core language are useful to developers or not is irrelevant.

Java is a first-class citizen on the server, yet a third-class citizen on the desktop.

Java 5.0 doesn't improve the user experience one bit. It is still painful to use on the desktop. Executable launching is pathetic. Web Start is confusing to most. Platform integration is non-existent.

Sun is wasting efforts with whiz-bang projects like EmptyLooking Glass. Please fix Java's desktop usability and then, you may have a slim chance to make a dent on the desktop.

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