Where did the links go?

Mar 5, 2004
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Where did the links go?

The links have moved to my new Linkblog. Update your bookmarks.

Why the move?

Multiple reasons.

Two of them being that it makes it a lot easier for me to manage, and easier for you to search, categorize, etc.

Are there feeds for the Linkblog?

Of course, look at the bottom of the page for the subscription icons. There are both RSS and Atom feeds.

The feeds are category-aware. If you select a specific category, the feed subscription icons will reflect your selection.

Multiple-categories can be selected by simply separating them by commas, for example:
The feed entries are grouped by posting. If you prefer to list one entry per link, simply append view=links to the feed's url, for example:
What will happen to this blog?

I'll use this blog to post about more personal issues, etc.