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java blogCharles — Eric Raymond's Letter and Modern Computing Mythology.

java blogFred — Why Sun Hates OpenSource According SimonPhipps.

javaJoda-Time 0.95. A library of classes to replace the Java JDK Date and Time classes including formatting.

javaProject JXTA 2.2.1 BETA 1. JXTA has the technology that you need to write networked, interoperable P2P applications.

blogRuss — Returning to Yahoo! and Hypocrisy: RDF and the Atom API.

java blogAnthony — Wireless Carriers As ISPs.

pythonjTime 0.1. A Web-based time tracking package.

windowsWindows source code leak leads to IE hole. The vulnerability allows an attacker gain control over a user's computer by using a specially crafted bitmap file.

javaJView 2004, a J2EE Performance Monitor.

javaIntelliVIEW client 2.3. A reporting solution to query, view, and manipulate data from any RDBMS.

javaSecurity in Struts: User Delegation Made Possible.

javaJava Desktop Development. Java developers can choose between three primary GUI toolkits for desktop applications: AWT, Swing, and SWT.

javaThe Eclipse Project Looks Ahead. EclipseCon revealed the Eclipse project as not just an IDE, but a rich client platform with a flexible architecture, an active community, and a bright future.

mobile blogRael — Azure J2ME Weblog Client.

mac blogGlenn — Apple Sells 20% of 802.11g Products.

java blogRoss — Testing in IntelliJ: quick tip.

java blogSimon — ESR response.

blogLeslie — Quick Links.

blogPaul — Morse Code Alphabet Table.

blogJeremy — People and Things that Really Bug Me Recently.

java blogKevin — Jakarta FeedParser now in CVS.

javaJava HMO 1.2, a TiVo HMO Server.

mobile blogMike — Schlotzsky's Continues Their Free WiFi Push.


javaScala 1.1.0-b1, a programming language somewhere between Java and Standard ML.

blogMatt — EasyMoblog.

blogMatthew — RSS business.

blogJeff — Where does foo and bar come from?

java blogJ2ME Fancier — Midlet Environment - More Applet Analogies and Does Sendo X Help J2ME Progress?

blogJeremy — When does Microsoft get commoditzed?

musicRIAA goes after 531 more file sharers. Here we go again.

javaColumba 1.0 Milestone M2, an email client.

musicWoman sued for file-sharing brings RICO countersuit against RIAA. You go, girl!

java blogDaniel — Templating with Velocity.

macApple Now Debt Free, Says Internal Memo.

blogDiego — the new yahoo search.

mobile blogRael — PocketPUTTY: Free SSH for Pocket PC.

java blogAnthony —, Content Syndication and Copyright.

java blogJames — Class Data Sharing in Tiger: part of the way towards Continuations?

java blogJohn — Sun's Phipps rants on Raymond's open-source rant.

java blogR.J. — Eclipse: Code Folding and 1.5 Support.

java blogHani — The breaking point.

java blogNiel — Free Resource CD From JDJ....Very Nice!!

java blogLeo — Moving away from maven.

javaJava Remote Method Invocation Language 2.1. A simple Web service XML dialect for Java applications.

linuxTwo Fedora Core 2 Reviews. The upgrade installation went quite smoothly...

wirelessHotspot Use To Triple This Year, Report Claims.

mobileHandheld porn comes closer. Is that a killer app in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

moviesKevin Smith to Write and Direct 'Hornet'. Jet Li as Kato?

mobile blogRuss — The Meet and Decompressing.

mobile blogJulian — Google Wifi Hotspot search - USA Only.


javaHandling a Final Empty Parameter. StringTokenizer tip.

mobileNew Specification to be Released for Mobile Devices to Discover and Connect to Web Services. WS-Discovery.

blogMatthew — Weblog business.

java blogDon — Tomcat as a generic server framework?

java blogGavin — Finalizers are even eviler than you think.

java blogJason— My first IBM developerWorks article goes live. Congrats, Jase.

java blogMark — Jira Plugin: Multiple Project Configurations.

java blogGoldy — The MIDP 2.0 Push Registry.

blogLeslie — Quick Links.

mobile blogMark — WS-Discovery.

linux blogOvidiu — Editing remote files in Emacs.

java blogTom — Open source Java?

javaUJAC 0.9.7a, a set of Useful Java Application Components.

javaJava Ultra-Lite Persistence 1.0.1. An RDBMS-independent object-relational framework.

newsDo-Not-Call Registry for Telemarketing Upheld in Court. A federal appeals court upheld the governments right to help people shield themselves from unwanted telemarketing calls.

java blogMike — Hibernate, Struts, Tomcat, MySQL in 15 min or less.

linuxLinux: 2.6.3 Released. Linux kernel 2.6.3 is now available, with minimal changes since 2.6.3-r4.

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