Napster Download Cards

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mac blogTom — .NET on Panther.

javaAsymmetric Encryption Keys With the KeyPairGenerator and Encryption and Decryption Using Symmetric Keys.

meMy feed is now listed on

javaBeepLite Networking Layer. A Java implementation of BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol).

javaDaniel — Not wild enough.

mac blogMatthew — iLife '04 and Microsoft.

mobile blogRuss— Unsurprisingly..., Nokia to release Perl for Series 60! and 1350 Referrers.

musicThurrott returns to the HP iPod. WMA support is disabled in the iPod's firmware, HP wants it.

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java blogRusty — DateChooser 1.2.4.

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mac blogUsing WebObjects: More Practical Tips and Tricks.

javaJava Telnet Daemon 1.0. An embeddable telnet daemon written in Java.

musicNew 20GB MP3 player from Philips. HDD120.


meI just discovered IZArc and I like it, especially the fact that it supports association with JARs and WARs. I emailed the author about supporting EARs too.

windowsFeds Order Microsoft to Fix Music Browser Override. “Shop for Music Online” to be tweaked.

development blogCarlos — WebStart for .NET.

netFavIcon Generator. Easy favicon.ico generator.

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mobileW3C moves ahead with mobile Web standard. CC/PP 1.0.

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mobile blogKenneth — AMD Ships Mobile AMD 64 Processors.

neteBay joker auctions off West Virginia. Drew 56 bids and nearly enough $ to fill in the state's budget hole.

javaWhat's New in the J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5 (Part 2). Learn more about the Message Inflow and Transaction Inflow contracts.

mobile blogPinocio — Releasing two MIDP 2 games.


mobile blogRuss — Task Switcher for Symbian Devices.

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mac blogSteve — iBook woes - Is this number 6?

mobileNokia loosens reins for developers. The more you pay the more you get.

blogMike — Latest Studies Say RIAA May Have Declared Victory Too Soon.

newsJudge upholds ruling against Microsoft in browser patent case. Ordered to pay more than $520.

musicI went to QFC late last night to buy some milk and found out, to my surprise, that they are selling pre-paid Napster Music Download Cards at the cash register. $14.85 for 15 downloads.

javaSupercharge Your Java Web Applications with Translets. Translets, a brand new addition to Java, can improve your Web application performance multiple fold.

javaFatten Up Your Java UIs with JGoodies. A basketful of JGoodies is all you need.

mobile javaJTGL, a Java Tiny Gfx Library.

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netMozilla updated to version 1.6. Several Mail enhancements.

developmentTutorial: MySQL Crash Course, Part 2.

gadgetsGillette Unveils Pulsing Shaving Razor. M3Power, a souped-up version of the Mach3Turbo featuring 62 patents, battery-powered.

javaAntRunner 2.1. Use Ant within JBuilder 4-9 and JBuilderX.

blogLeslie — Quick Links.

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