Still No Revolution

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meErik's Pulse has been published.

moblogRuss — Nokia: Mobile Media.

pc64-bit Laptops Reviewed. PC Notebook Panther 4HR and Voodoo PC Envy m:855.

java blogDanno — Thick and Rich Like Snickers Cake.

blogSimon — PostgreSQL 7.4.

javaDataBrowser 3.2.3, a Java-based tool for browsing virtually any database.

musicRio Karma 20GB Reviewed. The Rio Karma has been out on the market for over a month now with very little mainstream press...

java blogVinny — Struts Book Roundup.

blogHaiko — Quickl Links, November 24.

linuxSCO: Without Fear and Without Research. Just the facts?

blogMatthew — How Far Away Is A G5 XServer or Laptop.

javajmon 0.01, a system monitor with server and client programs to monitor ethernet interface statistics, memory and swap status, CPU load, and the status of TCP connections.

blogMatt — CERT Quarterly Update.

java blogMatthew — Playing with Spring & WebWork2 — Yes, Together.

javaJXTA Instant Messenger 0.1g, a server-free instant messenger for JXTA/Java.


java blogDaniel — Nothing but Java?

javaJ2SE 1.4 for the Enterprise Developer: File Management Made Easier.

javaJ2EE 1.4 spec leads write an open letter to the community. Bill Shannon and Mark Hapner.

java blogJeff — Why can't IDEs use Ant as their project files?

java blogAlan — .net community is as strong in many respects as the java community.

java blogRusty — Tip of the day.

java blogJuan — Web app framework comparison chart.

java blogMike — Ant Anitdote.

blogSimon — Pragmatic Programmer t-shirts.

blogMartin — Entertainment Marketing 101.

javajsXe 0.1.43, an XML Editor.

javaTool debugs C/C++, Java concurrently. CodeRoad JNI Bridge 2.0.

mobileReview: Nokia 6600.

technologyU.S. tech job losses slow in 2003. Annual study shows employment increased in research and development in 2002.

newsFormer HP/Compaq server guru heads to Nokia. Compaq clan shrinking.

blogJim — Wiki love.


netExploit Code on Trial. Publicity shots. to Vivendi: we'll host's files. Save the music.

javaJILetters 0.0.2, a Java-based alphabet learning assistant.

blogPaul — Happy Birthday to Who.

javaJFaceDbc 2.1.1, is a JDBC plugin for Eclipse.

newsMS scorns Israeli OpenOffice defection. 'Immature and unproven software package'

blogMichael — This Just in...

javaBarbecue 1.0.6, a Java barcode generator.

javaAzureus, a Java BitTorrent Client.

moblogJim — Mobile keyboards, not yet extinct.


javaOpen Source Document Processor Babeldoc Announces v1.2.

blogDiego — Cairo (and WinFS) revisited.

blogMatt — cgi_buffer and Ivy.

moblogRuss — Nokia 6600 - Series 60 a Year Later.

technologyPC Magazine Names "Best of COMDEX 2003".

java blogAnthony — System Icons.

java blogDanno — Thick Client : Thin Client :: Red Pill : Blue Pill?

java blogGlen — Thick or thin.

java blogBrian — Event-Based Logging.

java blogCharles — NetBeans re-write creates a fast NetBeans.

java blogMagnus — Cactus 1.5.

blogDoug — User-Mode Linux: Run your own Linux box for $20.

java blogVincent — I want an IDE that manage his projects by using Ant!

java blogSimon — Servlets are for integration.

java blogJames — Eclipse Startup Parameters.

java blogWerner — JBoss-IDE 1.2.2 has been released.

java blogWendong — J2ME Open Source Projects (VI) - Thinlet.

musiciTunes copy protection sort of hacked by guy who did DeCSS decryption for DVDs. [via Amy's Robot Link Factory]

blogAndrew — OS X Startup Items.

blogCedric — Syntax highlighting.

java blogCharles — Jar File Hell.

javajRPM 0.8beta, a Java version of RPM.

javaJava Tool Vendors Unite in Battle Against .Net. Java Tools Community.

netCongress Passes Bill That Will Limit Spam. Congress moved significantly closer to the first-ever federal protections against unwanted commercial e-mails when the House passed a bill to impose new limits on sending offers on the Internet.

blogSimon — Tail for Windows.

meI went to see Revolutions last Friday night. I liked it better than Reloaded. Overall, I think it would have made a good mini-series on the Sci-Fi channel. As a movie, it just wasn't that good.

blogCharles — Guerilla Anti-iPod Advertising.