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meErik's Pulse has been published.


java blogRuss — Server Side MVC vs. Plain JSP/JSTL: Overblown vs. Underutilized.

blogDavid — Anna Nicole and Ozzy grok application integration.

java blogDominic — Pankaj's J2EE Security book.

blogMatt — What is the fastest way to transfer data between PowerBooks?

blogBrent — NetNewsWire 1.0.5.

java blogAra — RE XDoclet is a miserable failure!

blogMatt — Roundup: Athlon64, G5, Wireless, Java, Python, Storage, and Design (Oh My!).

java blogVinu — Jakarta Tomcat 5.0.12 Beta released.

javaJCap 0.7.3 , a Java photo captioning software.

javaJava Binary Enhancement Tool 3r1, a Java assembler, dissassembler, and binary editor.


java blogCarlos — Assess Your Software Process Ignorance Quotient.

java blogHani — XDoclet is a miserable failure!

blogJeremy — Maven Networks Launches.

blogRay — Top-notch Software Developers needed in the Boston area.

java blogTom — Converting InputStream to String.

gadgetsStay away from these gadgets! Lexmark's Z605 Color Jetprinter, iRock's 730i...

musicCreative's Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra. A larger screen...

pcMitac Preps Widescreen PC. Desktop's components are hidden inside the base of the display.

java blogRusty —  JGAP 1.0 has been released.

perlAWStats 5.9, a web server logfile analyzer.

gadgetsHelp us get Michael Powell to read Gizmodo. Gadget freaks unite.

java blogJason — MyEclipse.

macApple launches new Hot Deals Web site.


javaKevin — Use the servlet filter to protect static& dynamic web contents.

blogMatt — Catchup Roundup.

adultErik — Lazy.

blogChris — Stop Verislime, Sign the petition!

technologyMacromedia announces MAX 2003 Conference. DevCon + UCON.

blogJohn — Roku.

mobile javaJ2ME VNC Client Alpha 2.9.4 released.

netBroadband users face download limits. A Philadelphia Comcast broadband subscriber got a letter from his service provider, telling him he'd been using the Internet too much.

java blogLeigh — MusicBrainz Java API beta-1.

pdaPalm Powered device sales surpass 30 million units. Worldwide.

netEFF Alert: IEEE & E-Voting Machines Vote.

java blogFred — Free J2ME Game Programming Book.


usWe went to see Underworld on Saturday afternoon. It has taken the US box office by storm.

java blogOle-Martin — JavaZone over.

java blogTed — Anders on Virtual and Contracts.

netICANN Asks VeriSign To Stop DNS Wildcarding. Asked to voluntarily suspend the service.

macReseller 'leaks' iBook G4 specs. New model sporting 15in display, apparently.

javaXBN Java 0.8b, a collection of generically useful Java Code.

blogFrançois — Learning the JavaScript debugger Venkman.

linuxApacheTop 0.1, a curses-based top-like display for Apache.

javaTomcat Manager Plugin 0.7.0 for Eclipse.

javaJWebEdixx HTML Editor Applet V1.1 Released.

javajStart32 0.2, a Win32-EXE wrapper.


javaBuild Reporting Into Apps. Generating human-consumable output for your J2EE applications doesn't have to be like pulling teeth.

javaEnterprise Buyer's Guide. Before you make those difficult purchasing decisions for your enterprise, take a look at JavaPro's comprehensive buyer's guide.

blogJim — Schadenfreude.

blogFrançois — Salaires des cadres informatiques selon L'Expansion and XML vs. Relational Databases.

moblogRuss — Symbian Developer Days.

java blogJay — Sun touts Fast Web Services plan.

blogKarl-Martin — Computer Stupidities.

java blogKumar — J2SE: Taking screen snapshots in JAVA.

java blogFred — personalJava on PDAs-javacheck.spc file and Synclast UI-J2ME New Release.

java blogAndy — JCP Survey.

java blogChris — Optimizing reflection.

blogCharles — NAT and Security.

windows7-Zip 3.09.02 released.

javaJavaHMO 1.0 Alpha 7 for TiVo.

mobileIntel helps fingers type faster. Intel is backing a novel way to make it easier to input text on mobile handsets.

java blogJason — Who or what is JavaRSS?

tvPrimetime Emmys 2003: Winners.

On September 22, 1792 — The French Republic was proclaimed.