BLI: Blogging While Intoxicated

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javaWrite Once, Run… Where? Does it really matter that Java code is completely portable?

javaGrasping Handlers. Define a complete service that demonstrates just how useful JAX-RPC handlers can be for you.

java blogDaniel — [Ann] Subclipse 0.8.0 Released.

linuxMicrosoft really is cheaper than Linux, according to a new report by Gartner.

musicRIAA Sued For Amnesty Offer. The suit claims that the amnesty is "designed to induce members of the general public... to incriminate themselves... while (receiving)... no legally binding release of claims..."

java blogCarlos — Components are Like Runtime Classes.

linuxTorvalds to McBride: Grow up. Thank you so much for your letter.

newsSeybold, OracleWorld hit with bomb scare. Seybold and OracleWorld conference attendees were evacuated from San Francisco's Moscone convention center due to a bomb threat...


javaSun may offer Java customers SCO relief. Can fear of SCO help Java grow? Sun thinks it just might.

netFad Watch: 'Reflectoporn' is new craze on eBay.

linuxInside the GNOME 2.4 Desktop & Developer Platform. This marks the third major release of the GNOME 2 platform.

java blogDiego — the new Swing GTK look and feel in JDK 1.4.2.

moblogJim — Foaf on the move.

blogFrançois — Fast rollovers, no preload needed.

java blogKevin — Looking at Java Swing GUI frameworks.

java blogDion — New Research: J2EE bigger than .NET in Europe.

java blogMike — - when Open Source just plain isn't.

blogDoug — RSS Feeds for Chronicle's Job Listings. (For Russ)

blogKeith — Programmer tools.

booksReview: Java Web Services in a Nutshell.

blogMartin — EtymologyOfRefactoring.

java blogCedric — From classes to components.

musicCan rip-proof CDs save the music biz? Coming soon: The untouchable compact disc.

multimediaAlaska Air's digEplayer. First class handheld video and audio player.

musicMusic lobby frightens Congress with P2P kiddie-porn nightmares. KaZaA promotes child rape.

tvFCC OKs Digital Cable Accord on TV Cards. A deal between television manufacturers and cable operators to replace digital signal converter boxes with a small card that slots into new televisions.


pythonPython modules for Mac OS X. CFPreferences API, etc.

wirelessFill up with T-Mobile Wi-Fi at Texaco. A tank of petrol, a bag of crisps and my email please.

tvToday in Entertainment History. The Trust is Out There!

musicFear May Not Spur CD Sales. Heavy-handed tactics are unlikely to prove effective over the long run.

mobileMaking Money in the Wireless World. A broad view of the complex and rapidly evolving marketplace.

blogJames — [OS X] more OS X goodies - PathFinder rocks.

moblogJim — Motorola A920 - Ugly Duckling, Swan or Dead Duck?

technology2002 SAGE Salary Survey Finally Released. How does your salary stack up in the post-crash economy?

netCongress questions DMCA subpoenas. Come up with an alternative way to protect songs and movies on the Internet...


javaWorking with SocketChannels and Understanding AffineTransform.

javajEdit 4.2pre5 is now available.

java blogScoot — JUnit, Kinda Open Source and Abandonment as a Virtue.

blogAdina — Texas resident sues DirecTV under RICO.

wirelessSeattle to Gain 250 Wi-Fi Hotspots. Cometa Networks' 250 new hotspots will afford the city the highest density of public Wi-Fi access in the nation.

javaPattern Summaries: Prototype. The Prototype pattern enables a class to create objects that implement a known interface by giving it a prototypical instance of each kind of object it will create.

netFlash Player 7, MX 2004 trials available from Macromedia.

javaJodd, a generic purpose open-source Java library.

wirelessKISS WiFi Plasma TV. 802.11g.

blogMartin — Blogger Pro, It's Time To Go.

moblogRuss — Mobile Jobs.

netFile swappers face data limits. Need bigger pipes.

blogMatt — The Eight Cent Rut.

multimediaMicrosoft to Open Windows Media Video. If accepted, the WMV 9 codec will become an international standard.

On September 10, 1897 — British police arrest George Smith for drunken driving. It was the first DWI.