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pythonI've written a Python script to generate a publishable playlist using XMMS.

I use on it on my PowerBook G3 under Yellow Dog Linux. There is no documentation, yet, but the source is on my CVS server.


meErik's Pulse has been published.

mobileCellular Firms Bet On Wireless Gaming. AT&T, Sprint, etc.

blogRuss — Nearly Everything About eBooks.

blogMike — Re: Open Communities.

java blogChris — You Call That An Application?

blogAndreas — KnowledgeTree – OpenSource Document Management.

moblogPaul  — Q12 – Another exciting keypad design.

java blogChristoph — Regular Expression Tester for Eclipse.

javaJavadoc Search 1.0.1, a search tool for JavaDoc.

pc14.1-inch Tablet PC. A French company, Albatross, is coming out with what looks like one of best Tablet PCs yet: the TBPC00803…

java blogDave — Links..


javaWebWindow 2.1.3 (Java Web Browser) Available.

blogMatt — MySQL 4.x Dubbed “Production Ready”.

java blogHenri — Open Communities.

blogDominic — ObjectWeb momentum.

java blogRusty — Sun is requesting public feedback on the next version of the Java Community Process.

blogMark — Atom API implementation.

blogSimon — Running Python from a Windows network.

java blogChristoph — Hot Eclipse plugins and Knowhow links.

javaFindBugs 0.6.4, a program to find bugs in Java programs.

macRoxio Toast 6 Titanium. $99.95 in September.

technologyIf Players Can't Use A Computer To Count Cards, Can The Casino? Hmmm…

java blogAlan — 13 days … JDJ = porn? … linuxworld … 61.

blogKarl — Everybody's a Rocket Scientist.

musicRealNetworks selling Rhapsody through Best Buy. RealNetworks is now selling subscriptions to its Rhapsody online music service at Best Buy stores in the U.S.

moviesHollywood Blames Text Messaging For Bad Movie Turnout. The solution is simple: make better movies.


moblogMatt — Palmspring's New Name and LuPy Released.

java blogMike — Seraph – Atlassian's J2EE security framework released.

java blogCrowbar: WebLogic 8.1 Blows Away The Last 100 Years Of Technology. runs Linux?. Up to a point…

moblogJim — N-Gage – the love hate relationship.

java blogJoe — I don't think I get JSF.

java blogDion — JDO 2.0: Lot's of changes discussed at the kickoff meeting.

linuxLinux ‘easily’ recompiled to dump SCO. Only a matter of time.

blogFrank — New FOAF spec.

blogCharles — Beware Regular Expressions.

macApple ships single processor Power Mac G5s. Dual 2.0 Ghz shipping later this month.


java blogDiego — the one-minute-guide to JXTA.

java blogCarlos — AspectWerkz's Replacement Libraries.

java blogHenri — Java on Z documents…

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java blogMike — Book on the way! and WebWork 2 / XWork beta releases.

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java blogMichael — Expand your enterprise skill set for Java Everywhere with “Enterprise J2ME”.

java blogRusty — DocBook Doclet 0.4.6 and JGraphT 0.5.0.

java blogCarlos — Reviewing JXTA In a Nutshell.

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blogCedric — Google's puzzling algorithms.

blogMatt — Playing jokes on other developers.

blogGarth — What's New in Python 2.4.

blogChristoph — Optimizing HTML output by 20% or more.

javaJavaDBF 0.3.2, a Java library for reading and writing Xbase files.

newsLow-Carb Version of French Fries. Cauliflower French fries?

netAltaVista Introduces Search Toolbar. AltaVista has launched a Search Toolbar that lets you search its web, news and multimedia catalogs while visiting any page on the web.

musicThousands attend Presley vigil. A candlelit procession at Graceland marks the 26th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley.

On August 18, 1937 — The first FM radio construction permit was issued in Boston, MA. The station went on the air two years later.