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javaJava Tip: Fast math with JNI.

zaurusMetrowerks: All’s Clear On Embedded Linux Front. CodeWarrior Development Studio for Sharp Zaurus Application Development 1.0

blogMatt — Most Reliable Web Hosts Still Run FreeBSD.

mobileT-Mobile posts strong earnings growth. 19% subscriber growth against a year ago.

java blogFred — KnowledgeBase Up for Motorola Handsets-J2ME.

java blogHani — Fred Grott guest blog!

netAWStats 5.7 released. I use it to generate the stats for all of my sites.

zaurusqpe-gaim 0.2. Gaim for Qtopia, an official port of the multi-protocol instant messenger client Gaim for the Zaurus and other PDAs running Qtopia.

windowsWindows XP SP2 Delayed Until Late 2004. Third quarter of 2004.

javaBoxPlugin 0.1 for IDEA. Conversion intentions from one type to another.

musicThree vids for Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime.


meI wrote down the steps I took to configure a NETGEAR MA410 wi-fi card on my PowerBook G3 Wallstreet under Yellow Dog Linux.

blogJeremy — What happened to Yahoo's Millionaires?

javaJFtp 1.34, a graphical network browser supporting FTP, SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP, and local I/O.

gadgetsIt's summertime for silly gadgets. Wi-Fi chair, Toilet paper printer, etc.

wirelessWireless Networks Still Work in Blackout. Thank god for backup generators.

java blogJames — Cory on Trademarks.

wirelessMcDonald's Offering Prizes for Use of McWiFi. Free laptops and Palm Tungsten C's.

java blogJason — More thoughts on JCP spec leads.

java blogJoe — LANMP3 source posted.

netMicrosoft's plan to beat the worm. Bye-Bye IP.

java blogRod — Commons Logging was my fault.

java blogBrian — Final Countdown to JDeveloper 10g Preview.

linuxDebian Hits Double Digits on August 16th! A decade, already?


blogFrançois — Introducing i18n and l10n.

moblogMatt — PocketFeed 0.6.

java blogDave — JSP-based tree controls?

java blogAndy — Find a jar part III.

technologyHackers Explained: The Techniques (PART II).

java blogWerner — Finding and deleting files recursively on linux.

java blogBill — Ant's junit task is too verbose.

pcZDNet Aussie: Seventeen-inch LCD monitor roundup.

wirelessWhen wireless fails, callers turn to landlines. The regular public telephone network generally kept working after the power went out in parts of six states…

tvComplete List of Emmy Nominations and List of Emmy Winners. Is that a placeholder?


musicAnyplace, anywhere, anytime. Nena feat. Kim Wilde.

blogJeremy — Do they really work?

blogMatt — Roundup: I'd Rather Be Whistling In The Dark.

moblogMartin — WiFi In Edinburgh Update.

java blogHenri — Fixing Java on the Zaurus C760.

java blogDominic — Fast Web Services.

javaJSVN, Java Subversion Client.

javaSvn-Up, a java interface for the subversion api and a multiplatform gui for Subversion and a plugin to connect subversion to the Idea IDE.

javaSuperVision, another project aiming to develop a Java/Swing based visual client for the Subversion version control system.

moblogHenri — Debugging a Zaurus Java app.

java blogDominic — Toshiba e355 for $200.

java blogVinny — GenJar – Java app deployment made easy.

java blogMatthew — WebWork2/XWork Beta.

blogJim — The Darkness.

moblogGuy — Exactly how do you talk on a wrist-phone?

pcNew Sharp Mebius Notebooks Play DVDs Without Booting! Mebius Notebooks PC-SV1-7DB and PC-SV1-5CB.

On August 15, 1949 — In San Francisco, a stunt leap off the Golden Gate Bridge was performed for the first time.