WWDC Day Two

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javaTech Tips: Generating Diagnostics by Monitoring the System Event Queue and Internationalizing Dates, Times, Months, and Days of the Week

javaBuild Enterprise Portals. See how BEA's WebLogic platform has made the process of building enterprise portal applications easier and more efficient.

javaSeparate Business Logic from Components. Forget J2EE-related components. Use "multiface" coding to complete projects faster.

java blogFred — Mash That Trash-JDK Innovation.

blogMike — How do you fit 40 hours into a day?

blogJeremy — Disk wait monitoring in Linux?

java blogKeith — Scary Java statistic.

blogScott — NewsMonster is Here! NewsMonster is Here!

javaBetter Java Garbage Collection with IBM's JDK 1.4. This article discusses incremental compaction, a new feature in the memory management component of IBM JDK 1.4.0.

macPower Mac G5 benchmarks questioned. Why am I not surprised?

windowsMozilla for Windows 1.4 Release Candidate 3 Released.

macMozilla for Mac OS X 1.4 Release Candidate 3 Released.

linuxMozilla for Linux 1.4 Release Candidate 3 Released.

pcFirst tests: 3.2-GHz Pentium 4. The processor modestly outruns systems based on Intel's previous top chip and splits the contest with systems based on Athlon XP 3200+.

macPower Mac G4s and G5s compared. The PowerPC 970 is the first modern PowerPC to embrace a 64-bit architecture.

pdaReview of the HP's new iPAQ 2215 Pocket PC.

pdaViewSonic's V36. Built-in digital camera, a 300MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, and an optional SDIO wireless card.

mobileNYT: Verizon Quits Fight on Rule for Cellphone Numbers.

tvNYT: Fox Television to Add HDTV to Primetime by Fall 2004.

pcSharp Convertible Tablet. Sharp Actius TN10W.

pcDell Unveils Workstation-Style Notebook. Precision Workstation M60 laptop.

macLes processeurs du G5 sont amovibles? G5 processors are removable, sitting on daughter cards.


mobileBusiness 2.0: The Next Big Thing...The Cell Phone.

mobilePics of Moto's Linux Phone. A760 and E380.

javaUpwardly Mobile Java. Call it a paradigm shift if you want.

java blogMatt — Tomcat's Ant Tasks - why they don't work for me.

java blogFred — JavaPro Does a Hanni?

java blogGreg — Dr. Dobb's Java E-zine.

java blogHoward — Book Update.

blogDave — Comments.

java blogKarl — IBM developerWorks articles on Wireless Java.

java blogDamien — Waiting for PHP 5.

java blogAndy — JavaLobby: How not to build a community 101.

moblogPete — Macromedia DevNet Devices.

javaJDiff 1.0.9, HTML report of API differences.

maciSight: The First Five Minutes., from the and-now-I-see! dept.

pdaPalm's loss narrows on flat sales. Out with the old, in with the new.


javaAn AI tool for the real world. Knowledge modeling with Protégé.

javaJava World news feed.

blogDiego — IEEE article on overlay networks.

blogFrank — Tom Yager: Apple, please don't mess with SPEC.

moblogDiego — So long, PocketPC, hello WM2003SPocketPC.

mobileGuys Talk More On Mobile's. Cingular’s annual survey.

java blogMatt — Free hibernate.org! and What is gzip compression?

java blogFred — Encryption in MIDP 2.0.

blogSimon — Sun Bloggers.

java blogfx — GLUE 4.1 available.

windowsAlleged software thief within Microsoft. A former Microsoft employee accused of stealing software worth $17 million was charged with 62 counts of mail and computer fraud.

pdaMore on Gateway's first Pocket PC. 100X Pocket PC.


blogMatt — WWDC Roundup and Top500 and

java blogCarlos — 73% of JavaOne Attendees need Manageability!.

moblogFrank — Mastercard and paybox to launch new P2P mobile payment scheme.

pcToshiba updates ‘desktop replacement’ notebook line. Satellite A20-S207, A25-S207 and A25-S307.

moblogGlenn — Apple Delays WPA.

blogMark — SOAP 1.2 is a W3C Recommendation.

moblogCedric — Sanyo 8100.

blogCharles — WebKit: Embedding Safari.

java blogAaron — Lucene HTML Parser alternative.

blogTodd — Internet IP's not going to run out as quickly and Kazaa 2.5 Upgrade Available!

netNetcraft: Hosting Provider Performance Comparison Available.

mobileSony Ericsson withdraws from US CDMA sector. Cost-cutting.


javaJ2EE 1.4 eases Web service development. Java's new Web service client and server programming models.

mobileO2 Takes Java Apps. Pinpoint Networks announced the launch of J2ME application delivery services on their Fuel platform with mobile operator, O2.

javaJava.net - Sun's answer to Microsoft?

mobileMind over mobile. Microsoft starts to think about life after Pocket PC.

javaJSP TestRunner, a tag library for performing JUnit test cases/suites from a JSP page.

java blogRuss — A year of the MiniBlog, JavaOne Online and New Phones.

java blogCarlos — Liskov's Substitution Principle and JUnit Testing.

technologyUPS offers XML access. UPS Europe is rolling out XML-based access to its core systems.

netBBC generates lots and lots of feeds. All BBC News indexes now RSS'd.

java blogFred — MIDP 1.0 Good Short Bet, MIDP 2.0 LOng Bet and J2ME Marketing-The Cash That Pays.

java blogSimon — Jini 2.0 tutorial/book.

blogMark— Yet More on SCO and the GPL.

blogDave — Safari Download Size.

java blogLance — CruiseControl version 2.2.1 is out...

java blogStuart — http://jugs.dev.java.net/ and Compile C# Hello World.

java blogMatt — There is no object. There is no null.

blogStefan — Apple's Linux Problem.

linuxAirlines starting to fly with Linux. A few airline IT managers may be virulently anti-Linux, but others are considering Linux as their next-generation operating system.

windowsMicrosoft picks new chief privacy strategist. Peter Cullen will help the company continue to develop its Trustworthy Computing initiative.

macHello, iPod. Goodbye, MD. Apple's new ad campaign for the iPod in Japan.

pdaCNET Reviews:

pdaReview: Toshiba's Powerful New Pocket PC e755.

On June 24, 2000 —KISS auctioned off memorabilia from their touring days. The items brought in $876,000 on the first day of the two day event.