Let there be the PC... and there was M$

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javaTry Apache's Torque project to rev up performance for your Java apps. Torque is a persistence toolkit for Java applications that use relational databases for storage.

java blogFred — J2ME Device Emulators.

blogJoi — Chat with Seyed, creator of Blogshares.

developmentSocket Programming in C.

pdaSharp's Zaurus C700. In-depth look.

technologyMonitors of the future. Organic LED monitors, etc.

wirelessWireless demystified. Intro to 3G, EDGE, WiFi, and Bluetooth.


javaWere You at the First-Ever JavaOne?

javaJava Code Stack #12: Method Processing with Dynamic Proxies.

java blogrMike — JavaBlogs behaving better.

blogBill — Atkins Saves Pork Rinds. My favorite snack.

java blogCostin — Backward compatibility is hard.

macAnalysts question Jobs' compensation.


javaWWDC Sessions Spotlight: Java State Of The Union.

javaDemystifying Extreme Programming: Test-driven programming.

developmentC/C++ development with the Eclipse Platform. Get an overview of how to use the Eclipse Platform in your C/C++ development projects.

javaJava theory and practice: Urban performance legends.

javaXML and Java technologies: Data Binding Part 4: JiBX usage.

moblogRuss — Will Ericsson Bail out of SonyEricsson?

java blogBernard Choi — yDoc.

java blogKen — How log4j gets the line number and file name.

java blogJason — Eclipse.

java blogMatt — Ant Problem With Eclipse 2.1.

netGoogle buys Applied Semantics. Deal will boost Google's search and ad programs.

netTop Brands Pull P2P Ads In Porn Scare. RIAA's scare tacticts.


mobileMobile phone fits on SD memory card. GPRS card for Pocket PCs.

blogRuss — My 7 Habits of Blogging.

mobileSymbian and America Online Team up to Provide Mobile Media, Messaging and Entertainment Services for Symbian OS Smartphones.

blogGérard — My problem with opensource.

javaJade Dautelle, Java Addition to Default Environment.

netUSA Today looks at online music services. Existing pay music services have fewer than 300,000 customers.

netICANN To Start Deleting Domains With Incorrect Info. Update your registration info.


mobileMotorola shows Symbian OS devkit. The Semiconductor Products Sector at Motorola is launching its ready-to-customize smartphone solution at Symbian Exposium 03.

pdaPDA sales plummet thanks to ‘limited appeal’. Becoming a five-horse race: Palm, HP, Sony, Dell and Others.

mobileWill operators recover cost of 3G? It is the product of billions of dollars of investment and years of hype.

moviesNew Terminator 3 Trailer Released.

moblogMathew — The value of MMS.

moviesMatrix sequel marks Imax first. The second Matrix movie sequel is to open on giant Imax film screens at the same time as standard cinemas.

blogDavid — invisiblog.com.

javaIf you're looking for a feed of the latest Editorials from the Editor-In-Chief at JDJ, try here. Alan tells me that they have a bunch of new feeds in the works.

javaJFtp 1.24, a file transfer application supporting FTP, SMB, SFTP, and local file transfers.

javaSearch using XPath in Java with a default namespace.

java blogTobias — Unit Testing and Blancing Resources.

javaEnterprise Object Broker 1.0, an “open source application server cherry picks the best from J2EE (Servlets) and completely ignores the arguable worst (EJB).”


javaJpegrdf, reads and manipulates RDF metadata stored in the comment section of JPEG images.

javaJava Technology Workbook. Exercises and solutions to challenge your Java programming knowledge.

javaTypeFormat, a class for efficiently Parsing/Formatting primitive types (e.g. int, long, double, etc.)

mobileChoosing a Wi-Fi antenna. Choosing an antenna can be a confusing business especially if you are new to wireless networking, this guide is designed to help.

java blogFred — Samsung J2ME Developer Portal.

java blogChris — You can now get an official 3.0x version of IDEA with installer for MacOS X.

java blogGlen — Syncing between notebook/desktop (Jarsync?)

blogKeith — The Hacker's Diet.

blogAlison — TV Turnoff Week.

java blogVladimir — The 3rd State of your Binary JUnit Tests.

mobileAT&T Wireless extends domestic roaming. AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile USA announced a joint roaming agreement.

windowsWindows CE .NET 4.2 Goes Gold.

On April 24, 1981 — The IBM Personal Computer was introduced.