Twits du Jour (Jun 7)

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  • @Mystery2U2 Did that, and am praying. Even the new mobile web app does it right, by providing a "Move To" option in the menu. Big oversight. #
  • @Mystery2U2 First thing I tried, but no inbox label in the new version with categories enabled. #
  • Java Bit Shift and Bitwise Operators: The Basics #
  • @RussB Online privacy is a farce, someone can and has always been able to read your data. #
  • @RussB I smell a conspiracy theory... The funny part is that I've assumed for years PRISM existed... Isn't that what ECHELON was all about? #
  • Java users need to get patching, warns report... #
  • My biggest problem with the new Gmail app for Android, is the inability to move an archived item back to the inbox. #gmail #fail #
  • Getting started with PhoneGap in Eclipse for Android #
  • Just completed a 4.90 mi walk - Walked to Costco via Starbucks #RunKeeper #
  • Code: How to get device current speed in Android using GPS #
  • Code: Get Phone Contacts details in Android with Contact Image #
  • Mechanisms of Sugar Addiction: Or, Why You're Addicted To Bread #