Twits du Jour (May 22)

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  • @Authy Got it. Thanks. I guess I was swiping too fast. #
  • @Authy Ok, thanks. #
  • @Authy Tried that too. I'm pretty sure I did it before too. Might be broken. #
  • @Authy First thing I tried. No go. #
  • @Authy Hmmm… I now have 5 facebook entries in the app that do not work. How do I delete them? Can't figure that either. #
  • @Authy I can understand that, but the lack of documentation/help is hurting you, not them. #
  • @Authy Thanks. Tried that, no go. Better write something up about it; the lack of documentation/help with the app is a serious oversight. #
  • @Authy How do you enable the Facebook integration in the new Android version? Can't find any docs on the website or elsewhere. #
  • Learn to Edit Graphics for your Development Work #
  • The Air Travel Rights You Aren't Aware Of (and How to Get Them) #
  • Hands-on with Kwikset and UniKey's Kevo keyless entry system. Bluetooth deadbolt. #
  • Unbelievable Facts That Are Actually True #
  • Star Trek's Tricorder Becomes Reality With Scanadu's Scout #
  • Functional Programming Is Hard,That's Why It's Good #