Twits du Jour (Oct 16)

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  • RT @RussB: Okay, my Twitterfeed php script-a-ma-bob is working now… I made a gist in case you happen to be running PHP… :-) #
  • @janole @RussB @jimh Yeap, that would be it. Nice find. I'm not going back to RSS though. ;-) #
  • @koehntopp @RussB And the pen works better than your stubby fingers? ;-) #
  • RT @PaulOBrien: Why do Chinese devices always have vibrate feedback that's roughly equivalent to a small earthquake? ;-) #
  • 45.3 percent of the United States' wireless market is controlled by foreign multinational companies. #
  • Pirates are the biggest spenders… #
  • @janole @RussB @jimh As Russ mentioned, 15 mins is all it took to change to a different lib, but a heads-up would have been nice. #
  • @RussB @janole @jimh I used the public timeline feed, no auth. #
  • @janole @RussB @jimh Totally agree. Just thought I would have more time to migrate. #
  • @RussB I did that for a while too. Had a real tough time not using my iOS devices, until I got the GSII and Galaxy Tab 10.1. #
  • @RussB I can't stand that black/white/gray feel of the tabs, menu, etc. on iOS. Feels dated to me, but it's consistant. #
  • @RussB Nah, looks kinda blury. ;-) #
  • @RussB @jimh Ah, I thought you'd be using #Android a little longer. It took about 3 months for me to decide I wouldn't go back to iOS. #
  • @RussB @jimh Not #Android ? Mobile Web? #
  • @RussB It stopped on the 10th for me, some time before midnight. #
  • @jimh @RussB I'm with you. I thought I had until March 2013. #