The Recruit

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java blogUgo — The cluetrain doesn't stop here.

java blogBen — Loose leaf from Looseleaf.

blogErik — Xin Nian Kuai Le.

java blogCarlos — PagedArrayList 0.1.

wirelessLinksys Ships Over 100,000 Wireless-G Products in First Month of Sales.

javaEasySMTP for Java, send mail without JavaMail.

blogBen — Analysis of Slammer.

java blogSteven — xReporter supports grouping now.

blogRuss — U.S. Vs. European Mobile Phone Use.

blogScott — Tivo Getting More Expensive.

java blogGlen — Inside An Idea Plugin (Part 2).

netMan arrested for allegedly selling opium on eBay. The question is, how much was it selling for? ;-)

newsSnapple takes on Slim-Fast. Trying to take some of the public embarrassment out of dieting.

newsFDA Wants Anti-Radiation Drug. A medicinal version of a blue dye that has been found to protect people against radiation exposure.

java blogBernard — JODE.

usWe're planning on seeing The Recruit later on today.

On February 1, 1996 — Visa and Mastercard announced security measures that would make it safe to shop on the Internet.